three strand multi colored kahelelani necklace


This piece is sewn in the three strand poepoe style and is approximately 17". It is finished with a handmade 18k hook and eye clasp. This necklace includes a custom curly loa jewelry box~ I will also provide free 2nd day shipping via FedEx!

2 strand rainbow poepoe necklace with sunrise centerpiece(Kauai and Ni'ihau)


Vivid colors are what this necklace is all about! All of the rarest colors of kahelelani are showcased in this lei and the sunrise is my favorite pink, yellow, and orange of all time! It's finished with a small set of perfectly matched Hawaiian granulated cowries and a handmade 18k hook and eye clasp.

Single strand kahelelani bracelet

This is a single strand kahelelani bracelet sewn with shells from Kauai and Niihau.  It is 7" and finished with a solid 14k safety clasp.  The size can be altered if necessary.  Please specify upon ordering.

5 strand kahelelani bracelet

5 single strands of kahelelani make this a very impressive piece.  Your choice of sterling silver or 14k spreader bars.  Gold is a $250 up charge.  This is a special order item and requires approximately 2 weeks to complete.

3 strand poepoe kahelelani necklace with spiral design


This is a three strand spiral lei that is 20" in length. There are over 1200 kahelelani shells in this piece and they are graduated from smallest to largest shells. This creates a pleasing tapered effect. There are shells from Kauai and Niihau. Special order...2-3 week lead time

Pink Sunrise Shell Lei


This is the crown jewel of my stringing career. I was able to obtain this one of a kind pink sunrise with a lemon yellow tip. I used over 1000 of the finest pink kahelelani and kamoa accents(the yellow accents in the strand). It’s finished with a clasp that is equally rare. This is the only one in existence and was made for me by Evan Yerman in NYC. It was cast from a granulated cowrie that I collected on the north shore of Kauai. It is 18k gold with a matte finish. Thanks Evan~. In over 20 years of collecting and seeing thousands of sunrise shells, I have never witnessed another like this.  It comes with a custom curly koa box and next day FedEx shipping!

three strand rainbow poepoe necklace


This is one of my classic designs. while no two are exactly alike, these color combinations have been long time favorites! This piece is three strands woven with about 1000 of the darkest colors of kahelelani and kamoa. It's finished with granulated cowries and a solid 18k hook and eye clasp. it ships Fedex 2nd day in a custom curly koa box made in my own orkshop.

Multi colored sunrise necklace


This is a nickel sized and flawless sunrise shell pendant on a hand woven hemp cord. It has a puka shell clasp and can be worn continuously. It's a very durable piece.

Three strand pele sunrise lei


This is a spectacular array of rare shells combined into a suoer sunrise necklace. It's approximately 20 inches and has incredibly colored kahelelani as well as the highly sought momi uli'uli and kahakaha! It's finished with matching granulated cowries and a solid 18k hook and eye clasp. It ships free via fedex 2nd day in a custom curly koa box!

Heleconia earrings 100 Ni'ihau


White momi with pink kahelelani. These are 100% Ni'ihau~

They are set on solid 14K ear wires.

Sunrise and Kahelelani Bracelet


...A rainbow of kahelelani with a sunrise shell and solid 14k pearl clasp! This item is also available with an orange sunrise for the same price. There are rarer options with an upcharge. Email me for photos of other sunrise choices.

Single Strand Kahelelani Bracelet

Multi colored Kahelelani Bracelet with solid 14k clasp